What is Tilt Wild?

Tilt Wild was created by Grace Cannon in order to make grassroots theatre art that reflects the lives and experiences of the people she works with.

Grace utilizes theatre art and participatory activities to build connections between people and to engage community members in challenging but wanted conversations.

Why Tilt Wild?

I seek to…

Trouble absolutes
Insist on human dignity
Learn &
Teach through theatre arts

I value…

Interdisciplinary endeavors
Listening &

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Learn about Grace’s background and experience.


Grace is a community-based theatre artist. She utilizes her skills as an artist, educator, and workshop facilitator.


Explore Grace’s statements of place, purpose, and pedagogy.

A TILT is not quite a twist in the narrative but some kind of upset to the stasis.

Life is full of tilts – moments that shift the ground underneath our feet. Sometimes these moments are unexpected and unwelcome, but sometimes these moments shake up our world and helps us change in ways that we are grateful for.

Either way, art can help us navigate these tilts.

The West is WILD. So are children. That means that humans mirror nature in their wildness before we learn to reign it in. Imagine what possibilities wait for us if we lean into our innate playfulness.

Tilt Wild invites you to embrace contradictions and let go of insisting that there are right answers or finished products.

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