As an applied theatre practitioner, I can facilitate a variety of workshops. I would love to partner with organizations and groups on specialized projects.

Photo credit: Michael Wilson

Potential workshops might focus on evaluating and refining organizational theory of change, gathering feedback from organizational stakeholders, engaging in community outreach, team building, leadership training, conducting participatory action research.

Underlying my facilitation work is my mission to help people approach necessary and challenging topics.


 I am a theatre artist. I have been a Playwright, Dramaturg, Producer, Director, and Devisor.

I am a co-founder of No Fog West Theater Company. I am a playwright of two documentary-style plays that explore identity in the American West.

As the New Play Development Apprentice at American Theater Company, I helped coordinate interviews and development of the documentary play The Project(s) about the history of public housing in Chicago.

In Chicago, I directed staged readings of new plays by Kari Bentley-Quinn, Jeff Augustin, and Jaki McCarrick.

In Summer 2019, I collaboratively devised and directed Unfinished Bedtime Clown Show as apart of FailSafe Festival in New York City.


My experience as an educator has taken me into drama classrooms full of elementary school students, test-prep courses for middle school students, and specialized theater programs targeting high school students.

Let’s collaborate.